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OrienTribal festival in Bali

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Happiness is when you feel you received way more than you have paid!

Joined 3days belly dance festival "OrienTribal" in Bali. バリ島で開催されたオリエンタルとトライバルが融合したイベント、OrienTribalに参加してきました。想像以上のクオリティとポジティブバイブレーションでもの凄く充実した3日間!

Classes with two master teachers were truly inspiring. I have learnt a lot. 

Tamalyn is one of legendary leading figures in Belly dance scene. She has been traveling and teaching over 44 countries (WOW!) and she has written four books. Honestly, being self employed artist gives you lots of joy yet massive challenge at the same time, which requires ones to be strong physically and mentally. Her presence is full of compassion and grace literary like angel. The way she gave us lectures felt like she was putting flowers in vase. We all felt completely healed after her first class.


Violet Scrap. What a wizard with double gemini( I wish you understand what I mean lol). Once you enter, you will be obsessed with her. Her dance, teaching and double gemini approach, which gave us tough brain massage( as lots of gemini does lol ) were very unique and you would start feeling you want more. 

トライバルは鬼才バイオレット スクラプ。一度足を踏み入れるとハマってしまいそうな、どこか危険なエネルギーすら漂う。ストリートダンスにインスパイアされたトライバル フュージョンはオリジナルで力強い。

My favorite part of entire festival is positive energy of people who joined. Friendly, welcoming and supportive, I was happy to connect with lost of beautiful dancers from different places in the world. It reminds me of time when I just started belly dance and went to Istanbul for some festival. Even though I didn't speak good English at the time (still questionable! lol), it was easy for me to make friend because we connect through passion. Love makes us connect, love makes us be compassionate, and love makes us stronger.


Gala show was lots of fun with beautiful unique talents. I wish I come back for next round!!!


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