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Cosmic dance/ コズミック ダンス

Thank you very much for joining cosmic dance -spirals flow-!!!

What an awesome crowd to co-create and experience intuitive movement magic together! 週末土曜日は定期的に開催しているコズミックダンスのワークショップでした。



Though I am a belly dancer, cosmic dance isn't about belly dance at all. Cosmic dance is like movement therapy for releasing, healing and connecting by surrendering in the moment.





Before the class, two ladies told me that they never took dance class and they were nervous. My first reaction was to appreciate their courage to step out of their comfortable zone and give it try. Then I told them cosmic dance isn't about technique nor choreography. It is about one's inner journey via movement with living sound. I have experienced and noticed that the word "dance" tends to create walls, separation, limitation and hesitation. I believe dance is a language of your soul, energy, spirit and body. Hence, its door is wide open to all.


Next one is coming sooon with new theme at a different space🙏🏻

I truly grateful for an amazing conscious dance community in SG, gifted sound alchemist Yin Ling and my love Adeline❤️❤️❤️ 次のセッションは7月末を予定しています。まだご参加されていない方ぜひご参加くださいね。

もしご興味ある方はこちらのmixcloudのリンクから今回のコズミックダンスの音源飛べます。If you are interested in , you can jump to the link where I posted playlist from this Cosmic dance. Looking forward to dancing with you very soon.






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