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Blossom dance show short video

Again and again, thank you very much for your support.

With much of amazing talents, extraordinary organized stuff and guests who joined the night, we were able to make the night very special.

Much love to you all.



ゲストパフォーマーのお二人を始め、才能溢れるアーティストや敏腕スタッフ、そしてお客様とみなさんに支えていただいたお陰で大盛況にて幕を閉じました。 有り難い事に再演コールもいただきまして。


🌸Blossom🌸 dance show organized by Dance to bliss, May 24th 2019 at The Projector

✨Special guest performer ✨ Natsumi Suzuki by Tribal Asial Asia (U.S/ Japan)

✨Guest artists✨ -Tida Naomi -Daniel Rojas -Nadia A Sueoka -Sahara *Blossoms(Anna, Samia, Latina, Freesia) by directed NADIA -Betty Kang -Cee Kanake -Nikita Shrivastavaa Susy Renju -Isabelle Mokroß & Charis Seah -Chiara Ekaterinaa -Nashwa Bliss -Dance to bliss (Chiara Ekaterina, Ridhima Jain, Hazel Yeo and Serina Ruiqi) directed by Nashwa Bliss

Video by Ashley Khan

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