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Mystical fusion bellydance performer, teacher inSingapore

Belly Dance Videos

Belly Dance Videos

Hi I am Nashwa

I'm a dancer and bellydance teacher living in Singapore. I am a creative director of dance community called "Dance to bliss" in Singapore. (Nashwa means bliss in Arabic.) I practice Sacred earth mystical belly dance, Tribal fusion belly dance, Cosmic dance, Meditation and Yoga. My passion is to create art with feminine energy and share them to raise awareness, and nurture our power to awaken, connect, and heal from within. 

Originally from Tokyo, I started belly dancing at age 19, under a renowned bellydance master by the name of Mishaal from Devadasi studio in Tokyo. A few years later, I began to share my passion by performing and teaching .


-Performance highlight ( 2008 to current ): Fujirock festival, Tokyo Girl’s Collection, Singapore Grand Prix F1, Sentosa GrillFest, Armenian street festival, Marina bay sands, Club Circus" by Soil & Pimp Sessions, Front act for international oriental dance artists: Ansuya, Ahmet Lulet, Colleen Shakti, Karim Nagi, Meera, Monika Nataraj

In 2019 I completed DATURA STYLE™ 8 elements of bellydance  by world-famous Tribal fusion bellydance legend Rachel Brice, sanctioning me as the first certified teacher and dancer in S. Asia.

About Nashwa

Belly Dance Lessons

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Reviews for belly dance class

Nashwa is a wonderful and generous teacher who always shows up with passion and beautiful energy in her classes. Her dance classes are always a joy to be in, I particularly value her direction toward not only skill building and technique which is present, but in allowing one’s personal style and flow to come through. Dancing with Nashwa is healing and fun, she also takes an extra step to make it a community experience and circle, and not just a dance class. Highly recommend this creative blessing!


As a teacher, Nashwa inspires me with her unconditional, unreserved love for every student in her class, giving her best every moment with us, facilitating us to feel that inner Goddess she sees in every woman. As a dancer, she is an inspiration of grace, femininity, playfulness and elegance. As a person, Nashwa inspires with her love for life and a true sense of compassion. It is a blessing to know and to learn from you, beloved Nashwa.


Belly Dance Lessons